Our unwillingness to see our own faults and its projections of them on others is the source of most quarrels, and the strongest guarantee that injustice, animosity, and persecution will not easily die out.

Carl Jung, M.D., in Depth Psychology and Self-Knowledge

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A man is married to a woman who has two disordered parents who have neglected their own self-examination like it is fatal and in doing so proceeded, as is too often the case, to wrap themselves in a shell of rigid childish subversion of their faith.  The married woman, it does not surprise, is far from maturity and self-understanding.

Lost to her true self, the maturity and insight that is only secured by knowledge of self, the married woman is lost to others, insecure, controlling, passive aggressive, unable even to accomplish standard household tasks.

Without her redress the marriage and her parenting inflict disorder on her spouse and her children.  This is what Jung is talking about in the above passage.

Unwillingness to see our faults projects disaster, sickness and disorder on others. Make no mistake such people spread disaster and destruction to others – especially their children and those with whom intimate contact is due. Our silence in these matters sows the seeds of evil and unhappiness from generation to generation.

We are made in the imperfect image of God.  But having a faith narrative which tells us this should licence us, with confidence and courage, to come to know our life circumstances and ourselves – warts and beauty marks included.  Alas, too often faith is thin even in church-goers, and illness persists.

What Jung speaks of exists in groups – and is quite lethal, even more destructive there.

I give an example.  The Republicans wish to alter the Obamacare national health fiasco. They see the plan, not the Democrats who created it as the problem.

In sharp contrast, the Democrats oppose the alteration of their coveted shrine to the dubious “genius” of government and themselves and, without waiting for a review of the Republican proposals, they demonize those who wish to alter their prideful and extraordinarily flawed law and its policy.

In the Democrats, and particularly in Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, we have the unwillingness to see their own flaws and the subsequent projection of animosity and personal persecution on others.

Democrats are (and have been for a great long time as is consistent with the political Left) the Party of character assassination and personal attack.

Their identity?  The “devil with the truth” and what might makes sense, is cost effective, withstands independent analysis and evaluation, preserves economic freedom and America’s unique government and Constitutional legacy, does not impose by force a flawed law or policy on citizens and vital institutions, is ignorantly partisan, governs not for all citizens but only for their base donors and supporters.

The Democrats are the married woman in the first illustration.

They spread chaos and disorder because they are stubbornly unwilling to look critically at themselves – finding it far easier to attack others than discharge their duty to know critically who they are and act as mature adults with sufficient self-knowledge to possess humility while causing no harm to others and our precious and unique nation.

They are without a doubt the people and Party of tantrums and destruction.  They make, it follows, poor mates and foster disordered offspring from generation to generation.

Footnote – Let’s be honest – the hideous torture of a mentally impaired White teenager in Chicago by two eighteen year old Black boys and two Black young women (one 24 and a mother) has everything to do with the dismantling of the Black family by the Democrat Left and their policies at the federal level.  This destruction has been going on for decades and now we have fatherless (often amoral) children and behavior like this.  Very sad.  It must change.