The day begins with the frozen stillness of a winter predawn sky and snow-covered ground … and with two Our Fathers and two Hail Marys … and the Introitus with its reassurance and certainty … Yes, in the snow-covered ground God calls us back to our purest self.  Yes, the same snow that fell on Jews in the frozen winters of their captivity in Nazi death camps.  The same snow.

 Soon enough a fire will warm the house and the burning wood will crackle, and time will be at once past, immediate and forever.

# # #

A thought transfixed for me: for the first time in my life I saw truth … The truth – that love is the ultimate and highest to which man can aspire. (Emphasis added.)

Viktor Frankl, M.D., in Man’s Search for Meaning

+ + +

There is a scene in Schindler’s List when Oskar Schindler emerges from his residence to find ashes falling from the sky like snow flakes.  These ashes?  The burning bodies of Jews killed in the concentration camp where his factory was located.

Snow and ashes.  God and man.  Love and hate.

I am a Catholic.  My wife was Jewish.  A sweet, smart, funny, petite girl without any malice that I ever detected.  I will never understand how anyone could justify killing her because she was Jewish.  Nor will I ever understand anti-Semitism.

I would think a wise and good-hearted man might recognize that Israel should not be betrayed as it was when the Unites States failed to protect her and her population at the recent United Nations Security Council vote.

I am left with a simple conclusion: those who betrayed Israel are neither wise nor good-hearted.

Last night it snowed here.  The day holds the chill of winter as it is before the sun ascends.

In the quiet of this early morning, I readied my wood-burning stove to provide heat for the day.  First I emptied it of ashes from its prior use.  I thought of Sylvia, and those who perished in Nazi camps.  Snow and ashes.

Snow and ashes.  Do those who betray Israel ever think of snow and ashes?  It would seem not.

What have we become?  Auschwitz and abortion.  Snow and ashes.


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