“I’m the guy who does his job.  You must be the other guy.”

Sergeant Dignam, in The Departed

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I don’t know if its being from Boston or what, but this and other lines from The Departed, a movie about the Winter Hill Gang and the cops and characters that inhabited “by faire City” and my particular patch in Somerville, just ring so true. They convey a Boston attitude – a unique thing.

Dignam is, in the movie, that police officer who gives you this: sometimes there is not much distance between the hunted and the hunter.  And this, too: life is competitive – do your job.

Here Dignam is responding to a fellow officer who failed to deploy his surveillance apparatus properly so that all aspects of a criminal transaction could be recorded. But the thing that I like about Dignam’s words are: they are real, there is no fluff to them, they are straight at you.  His words tell you that life is life – live it, get it done, wring all the breath out of it – no slacking.  Truth is: living demands all you have – no days off.

Most people, by the way, take off as many days as they can.  Some specialize in taking an entire life off – politics has a bunch of those guys in it.

Want to have some fun?  Take this quote and carry it by day and night and I bet you a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts that you’ll find yourself uttering these words to yourself as you encounter the guy driving the car in front or you, when you meet your kid’s teacher or the school principal, read about some judge’s idiotic decision in a criminal or child custody case, listen to Nancy Pelosi or other air bubbles in politics or the “news” media, or talk on the cell to the person in “customer service,” or listen to another Obama (smartest man in the history of the human race) unsolicited lecture, etc.

We live in a sea with a lot more froth and less ocean than there once was.

“I’m the guy who does his job.  You must be the other guy.”

It is a divine gift to have a life – live it.