The monk … says the claims of the world are fraudulent …

Thomas Merton

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These words are extracted from Catholic monk Thomas Merton’s last presentation before his accidental death.  They were given in Bangkok on December 10, 1968, in a speech to monks of various religious dispositions and identities, nuns, religious clerics and students. It was poorly received, and for good reason.

The above words seem, by themselves, relatively benign – but Merton’s text proceeded to equate the monastic with the Marxist.  His text explained that Marx was not militantly opposed to religion.  That Marxism seeks only to change social structures.  He opined that the rioting American students of 1968 were themselves monks.

Yes, you are right: shear dribble, idiocy on display.  Clerical error.

The point to be made is a simple one and it is as good today and it has ever been. The point is this: when clerics start talking about politics – stop listening. Blind shepherds are a great hazard to vulnerable sheep.

Need further indication?  Two words: “Liberation Theology.”  Anyone who reads this stuff with a sound education in economics, history, philosophy, the classics, theology, psychotherapy, cultural criticism and any real world experience outside a sequestered or exclusive religious existence cannot but conclude that they are reading worthless babble.

If there is any exception to the above point it falls under the rubric of St. John Paul II whose life under Nazi and then Soviet Communist occupation had tasted aplenty of the destruction, violence, enslavement, lies, corruption, immorality and abject failure of societies governed by faithless political force imposed on God’s precious souls.

Clerical error, folks.  Clerical error.


Footnote – The first test for you will be this: how will you react when the Left in Congress will proceed to throw the equivalent of a two-year old’s tantrum when others dare expose, alter and reject the destruction done by them – particularly in the last eight years?  Hasn’t their bratty child’s act gotten old?  Notice they never hold their breath to display their anger. Would that it be so.