“Man instinctively regards himself as a wanderer and wayfarer, and it is second nature for him to go on a pilgrimage in search of a privileged and holy place, a center and source of indefectible life … his heart seeks to return to a mystical source, a place of ‘origin,’ the ‘home’ where the ancestors came from, the mountain where the ancient fathers were in direct communication, the place of the creation of the world, paradise itself, with its sacred tree of life.”

Thomas Merton, in “From Pilgrimage to Crusade”

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Merton made a significant breakthrough when he could see life as a journey, a pilgrimage to God – and see this as a part of every human being’s makeup, precisely how we are made, and made to long for that which is omnipotent, beyond us, everlasting, supernatural … for God.

This was where Merton came to know God in the acts of the ancient Irish monks whose desire for God had them float off to sea, “abandoning themselves to wind and current, in hope of being led to the place of solitude which God himself would pick for them.”

This is the attitude of the Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem and the journey of their older siblings, the Jewish people, who seek the remnant of the Temple and Jerusalem – their promised place.

This alone makes the acts of outgoing President Obama, and his very junior associates: hideous, ignorant and offensive.  They show in their acts either a disregard for what is sacred to Jew and Christian, or an utter disdain for it.

It would seem that Mr. Obama and his underlings do not now a place of theophany is common to believers.

Perhaps, they tell us that they do not and cannot believe or care not for those who might.  In such a thought is this:indication of the lesser human being – one without wisdom and grace, understanding and compassion … depth, emotional maturity and insight.

” … pilgrimage is a symbolic acting out of an inner journey … the interpolation of … meanings and signs of the outer pilgrimage … History would show the fatality and doom that would attend on the external pilgrimage with no interior spiritual integration, a divisive and disintegrated wandering.”  

Thomas Merton

We have suffered ignorance of eight years.  Now we see in our President’s disregard for Jew and Christian alike in his out-going support of a U.N. Resolution aimed at de-legitimizing a sacred reality shared by Jew and those of Christ.

… lacking interior spiritual integration – fatality and doom are now gambled for us by the insensitive and uninformed.  This: too great a price for us to pay.

Alas, we have to restore order lest the heaven rain down blood and gentle women weep for all that is lost.