Know Thyself

The Inscription at the Entrance of the Temple of Apollo

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In his book The Mastery of Self, Toltec Indian Master Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. describes a scene where all about you are in a state of inebriation – some in a drunken stupor, others on their way to that state, and still others happily swirling about, carrying on and loudly chattering all sorts of nonsense.

He sets this scene to introduce the reader to the proposition that we must seek to know our self and not get caught up in the things that keep us from ourselves and the peace, happiness and stability that self-knowledge brings.

Ruiz tells us that when we attach ourselves to something that is not a part of us as we are made to be, we make an emotional and energetic investment that attaches us to objects, beliefs, ideas, and roles that are false – not natural to us – not indigenous to us and hence they breed sickness and disorder.  

Likewise, he notes that a similar disorientation occurs when we are presented a regime in which rewards and punishments commit us to beliefs and behaviors that are false and disorienting.

In my view this is precisely the circumstances presented by identity politics and by ideologies in a secularized culture.  Each disposition being the central sickness of Democrat Leftist worldview and politics and those who ignore the truth of religious narrative.  In these we are, you see, reduced to less than who we are when we are only a Black person, or a feminist, or a socialist, etc.

In actuality we are more: we are a sacred being – more than a human being, we are a spiritual beings … and all that defines us as less destines us for sickness, obesity, addiction, confusion, disorder, intimate failure, immorality, child sacrifice, divorce, unhappiness, hostility, fear, anxiety, depression, despair, self-destruction.

Quite honestly, public figures and public discourse shows us this daily.  Look at former President Clinton and President Obama – each of shattered, sick family histories – the most peculiar breeding grounds.  Look at virtually any “celebrity.” Same thing.  Look at the guests on interview television.  I think of poor, confused Lauren Duca in her recent conversation with Tucker Carlson.  Folks, we are at the gathering that Ruiz describes.

Throw a rock in the Congress and you’ll hit a Lizzie Warren or some such.  Such is the condition of secularized America.  Lots of individuals generating discord and calamity.

Best to recess.  Reject what makes you sick.  In quiet seek to know thyself.


Note – Disorientation has its national security hazard.  Think radical Islam.  They attack the West now as we are vulnerable.  They believe.  We do not.  We can thank secularists, the Left, the Democrats, ideologues, anarchists, atheists, abortionists, feminists, etc. for hastening our vulnerability. Disorientation divides and weakens.