Journalism is not a profession or a trade … It is a cheap catch-all … a false doorway to the backside of life.*

Hunter S. Thompson, in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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A quasi-coherent Lauren Duca, the Weekend Editor of Teen Vogue, was on T.V. discussing politics, condemning Donald Trump, criticizing Ivanka Tramp’s support of her father, and defending federal taxpayer-“supported” abortion.

Oh joy!  What follows? Tina Fey’s lecture on brain surgery or Martin Sheen’s explanation of the intricacies of Taoism applied to the modern world?

If The New York Times and The Washington Post are hanging by a thread, can T.V. news be far behind?  One can only hope.

A person hearing that George Michael died in bed of “a heart attack” at 53 is far the wiser who says: “Not both George and Michael.”  Yes, ’tis better to not to know that this pill-popping songster of the “more depraved sex lyric” genre died than to know.  For, who really cares?  Or, is this or what Ms. Duca has to say news in any sense?

Truth is: Hunter Thompson had it right.  Mass media hastens the misinformation, mis-education and subsequent decline of America’s intellect.

In a conversation with my son recently I lamented that most of what you hear as commentary in the news media is poorly informed to which he replied: “Dad, people don’t want to be informed they only want to hear from those who fortify what they believe.” Point made.

When mass media strikes out, what is left?  Well, twitter cannot be the answer.

Twitter? Something for birds on a wire do.  Me?  I’ll take books.  Yes, things that require (at their best) real work, real thinking, knowledge and analysis – have depth, cause the reader to remain open to learning and reflection, growth and challenge.

Bye, bye mass media.  Give me a book.  It keeps me quiet … in quiet – proximity to the Divine.  Thank God for books and those who write good ones.  Truth is as to mass media the more we ignore what is said, printed and shown by them the better off we are.


* I have not included all of Thompson’s quotation (which is actually fun to read) because it is salacious and profane.  That said, his observation is worth contemplating.