The Son of God became a child, so we might become the Children of God.

+ + +

Last night I had a dream.  It was disconcerting, the kind of dream you have now and again of being stuck by facts, circumstances, errors and misunderstandings in a spot where others might hold you liable for the fate of another.

In the dream, my penalty was to be blamed for the demise of an evil person who, in the dream, I was expected to defend in trial – carrying out my duties as a lawyer.

The actions of the Court somehow proceeded without me and the man, indeed an evil individual, was convicted and his associates were to exact a serious punishment from me.

Facing death, they encircled me and cut into a vein in my arm and one in my hand.  I felt no pain and was resigned to accept my fate and my end.

With the second puncture, I awoke and at that inevitable cusp between dream and consciousness I knew it was Christmas and that I belonged to Christ.  At that exact moment, pain, death, injustice and the calamity that becomes the world was conquered because it was Christmas and I belonged to Christ.

Merry Christmas to all!!!