… my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my savior and my God.  (Emphasis added.)

Ps 42:11

+ + +

I have a number of friends who are more than downcast after the recent election. Actually, I’d call them depressed, despondent, extremely deflated – so much so that their language conveys anger, hostility, hatred, hopelessness.

My concern?  That hopelessness in some sense shelters godlessness.  That we have come to place too much hope in man and less or none in God.

It is hard to deny that people, including many who are public, celebrity and politically liberal personalities, have shown real hostility and anger toward Donald Trump, his family members, those (like the “White middle class” and” White men”) who they blame for the loss suffered by their candidate, and the rebuke of their ideas.

To my way of thinking, I come to conclude that these unhappy and angry people have placed way too much hope and trust in politics and their ideology and little where it belongs: in God. They show me faithlessness.

Ideology is not faith and faith is not ideology.  When we get this confused we show an anger where those who disagree with us are said to be: immoral, stupid, “unfit,” Nazis, bigots, hateful, etc.  Shame on Bill Clinton, by the way, who refers to Trump supporters as angry white men …

Hope?  Not visible among those whose candidate lost.  Anger?  Present and accounted for.

Too many in the Liberal Column have placed their confidence in ideology, ideas, in themselves, in man, in those who would govern, those who share their shrunken identity and live, not as human beings, but more so by race label, or gender, or sexual preference, as alleged aggrieved party, or by and through a political point of view: Marxist, socialist, anarchist, “progressive” – and live with and in the god of centralized big and all-intrusive Father government and the Holy Grail of policy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, lads and lassies – stay away from those who breed depression, division, disorder, perpetual discomfort and constant complaint, disharmony, despair, destruction, conflict and sickness.  They are the “all knowing ones.”

Unbelieving, they can whine but they cannot lead.  They can destroy but they cannot build. They are of the “grand schemes.”  They say, “I can fix everything.” In saying this, they say to me, “God is not needed: I am omnipotent, a genius – I can do anything.”

This attitude?  Prideful.  Full of emptiness, error, division, destruction, confusion. Void of wisdom or hope.

In our politics we have seen “hope” offered and God displaced.  We have had the nonsense of the (demonstratively) disordered man from Hope, Arkansas, and the less-enabled figure of Hope and Change.

Placing our hope in other human beings or an ideology, our own “point of view,” or own self-serving interests leads to bitterness when others do not abide and fall in line.

Ironically, when we grow angry with those who disagree with us – then it is more likely that we are wrong and not them.