… My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.

Lk 1:46-47

+ + +

I grew up in Boston.  Politics is a significant part of that City and the life of its people.  Yet, I never experienced the hostility that I see among the Democrat Left.

Now what I see is hostility and antagonism, division and angry expressions.

Think about it.  If you disagree with the Left you are a bigot, a Nazi, “deplorable,” immoral, unfit for pubic office.

Yes, the Left declares White men are evil.  The police are a target to be hunted, and killed. Leftists stir up racial conflict and Black Racism is publicly displayed. Lawlessness is the character of public protest.  Character assassination is employed against those who do not agree with Leftist positions.  Distrust and division is promoted.

What I see that is missing is this: respect for the other person, civil discourse, kindness, fellowship sustained among those whose views differ one from another.

What might repair this divide?  Faith, religion – relationship with God, God with a hallowed place in our culture and the Nation.

What difference might that make?

If we had a view such as Mary conveyed in the above quote we would restore balance in our private and public life.

Imagine if our highest desire were to seek and celebrate God in this life and our community.  Would we not see others as friends?  Would we not seek to further friendship, share concern for the welfare of others, be more welcoming, optimistic – be a peacemaker not a divider and antagonist?

Want to live in peace and restore civility?  Put yourself in the position that Mary occupied and live from there.  Peace will follow … life will be easier and more congenial – – – we will be One again.