Some Westerners have argued that the West does not have a problem with Islam but only with violent Islamist extremists.  Fourteen hundred years of history demonstrate otherwise.

Samuel P. Huntington, Ph.D., in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

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Well here we are again.  Another Christmas slaughter by Islamists.  We had our California Christmas Party attacks last year – in which a man shot and killed injured his fellow employees – men and women who welcomed him and his Moslem wife and held a baby shower for their child.

Yesterday, Berlin got their Islamist Christmas present: a truck mowed down unarmed men and women at a Christmas Fair in the city.

Professor Huntington had it right. We live in an age where cultures are in conflict.  Islam and the Judeo-Christian world and world view are colliding.  And the frontline of the battle for us is as near as our local mall, public square, building or street.  So be it.

That said, things will have to change.

Allies must be formed around one simple proposition: defending Western Civilization.  Our friends in this will likely come from Europe and Asia, and perhaps selectively from the Middle East, and may include Russia.  As to the latter, let us not forget that in World War II, Russia was allied with the U.S. and England.  Yes, President-elect Donald Trump may have been correct to suggest this.

In the face of this serious existential threat to the West and our Nation, the American Left is out of step.  Their message carries an implicit opposition and rejection of America and its legacy.  They fancy open borders, “sanctuary cities,” the nanny state, income redistribution, free “stuff” for this or that group paid for by taxpayers, socialism, Communism, anarchy, godlessness, a weakened military, the imposition of “political correctness” and a focus on gender and sexual politics.  These fetishes are a luxury in a time of conflict.

The Nation’s focus and discourse shall have to change and those who would distract us from the task at hand paid no mind. 

Change.  Doesn’t the Left and the Democrat Party love change?  We’ll see, I guess.


Postscript – Where we are now is the direct consequence in our secular country of separating from faith, canceling belief, ignoring God and religion.  And, yes, the Democrat Party of the Left led the way with the legions of leftist college professors and the well-indoctrinated and poorly educated members of the media, entertainment industry and those whose God is wealth and privilege.  Yep, we are in a pickle.