Everything living … strives for its own wholeness.

Carl Jung, M.D., in Letters

Life calls us forth to independence … anyone who does not heed this call … is threatened with neurosis.  And once this has broken out, it becomes an increasingly valid reason for running away from life and remaining forever in the morally poisonous atmosphere of infancy.

Carl Jung, M.D., in Symbols of Transformation  

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Put to the measure of Jung those governing nations in the world are falling far short of doing their job – of advancing the healthy growth and development of their citizens.

Look at the world news presented by the BBC today.  The President of Philippines tells us that when mayor he killed three men.  In oil-rich Venezuela the off-beat socialist government rules over economic chaos and desperation.  In Aleppo, Syria, the panicked residents of that war-torn ancient city cannot evacuate until a “deal” is struck between the government and its rebel opposition.

In the chaos and perpetual disorder that is the resource-rich Democratic Republic of the Congo, the president remains while his term has ended and war and refugees are “the status quo.”  In Poland, citizens protest because the government intends to limit journalists’ access to members of Parliament.  In North Korea the mass of people assemble to commemorate the fifth year anniversary of their deceased Ruler whose son now rules. And, in Moscow a restaurant named after the Communist Secret Police who killed thousands of people has opened.

In the U.S., our outgoing administration is proud that they expanded the ranks of those who are dependent on taxpayer handouts and is pleased they dropped the unemployment rate while increasing the numbers of idle adults no longer “looking for work.”

If everything seeks it wholeness and independence someone is going to have to explain to me how breeding mental illness among our population is something for which we might be proud.  Indeed shame might more be the healthy feeling.  But alas, is leadership itself unhealthy?


Postscript – The Left fashions itself gifted to usher in “change.” Yet, men are not God are they.  Better the man who understands the value of tradition and the wisdom it contains.  Those who preserve and sustain tradition perpetuate wisdom and show themselves smarter than the self-acclaimed intellectuals who store up pride in place of humility.