The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency – the belief that the here and now is all there is.  (Emphasis added.)

Alan Bloom, in The Closing of the American Mind

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The men and women in the press and in news media are disgruntled and sharply disapproving, even scornful, that President-elect Donald Trump “tweets” as he does. They are, without acknowledgement as such, angry that he “speaks” to citizens without passing through their venue, without holding a press conference, giving them access to an interview which, of course, allows them to screen what it is that they will convey to the populace at-large.

In plain terms news people do not like Mr. Trump going around them.

Perhaps the men and women of the news would be wise to ask why are they irrelevant?  Or at least less important than they once were?

Well, the answer to that question is not simply found by saying, “Oh, its technology and social media.”  No, it’s actually more than that.

The press takes sides; and, the side they take is that of the ideological Left.  On top of that, they are often wrong, rarely probe honestly a question at issue, preferring to bow to their political bias even to the point of collaborating with power-players in the Democrat Left Party – yes, carrying the water for the Democrat Left.

The loss of value of the press tracks the decline of American education over the last 50 plus years.  Higher education has, despite eating up huge amounts of taxpayer money, (in all but the sciences, it seems), weakened its standards and now is controlled by Leftist thinking.  Yes, education is mostly indoctrination and hence of “bumble gum” value.

In the press and news media, we see the results: not much wisdom and not much intellectual rigor.  True to form people instinctively abandon that which has no value.  And the press fades from view.

If you have not read The Closing of the American Mind, you might want to do so. Bloom gives you an insight into the decline of education, which in turn leads to the decline of the press.

By the way, if you wish to determine what contributed to the decline in education, you would be wise to consider the place of the Federal government in this. Centralized force such as the far-too-big Federal government easily becomes disruptive, even destructive at times.