This post is dedicated to Little Fiona Aurelia Sylvester, entering her third month of life today.  To see her face is to see perfect tranquility – that which is within each of us.

– – –

It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire.  Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own.

Marcus Aurelius, in Meditations

+ + +

Another police officer killed last night in Tacoma, Washington.  A terrorist attack at Ohio State University this week.

We come by discord and violence easily these days.  The “usual suspects” are the usual suspects.  The rabble rousers are the same.  The excuse-makers are predictable as always.

Some of those who claim to lead are more apt to add to the discord than attend to it.  They,  unlike Marcus Aurelius – Emperor of Rome, live rather poorly, without depth or faith, intelligence or wisdom.  Their “narrative” produces and excuses anarchy.  Sad.

Yet, you can seek peace within, know tranquility.

Do you access tranquility?  Or have you been lulled into the chaos of the moment – moment to moment?  Are you separated from the Spirit?  Left in a sea of godlessness?   Dropped into the fog of destructive ideology?

Who exactly do you listen too?  Do those who speak give you peace or stir up confusion?

You have the choice to listen or not to listen, to accept or reject.

Tranquility or senseless violence?  What do you seek?  What do you tolerate?

Those who strike at police officers strike at civil society, steal your peace from you.  Those who fail to lead aid and abet the miscreants.  Those who would commit random acts of terror have no place in civil society, nor do those who excuse their conduct.

As for you: seek tranquility.  It is within.  Protect it.  Listen with discretion to the public voices you might hear.