In a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels an alien, a stranger …

Albert Camus

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These are the post-World War II words of existential author Albert Camus.  But do they make sense?

What is the effect when one is divested of illusion?  Does this not liberate from something that is false?  Not true?  Make-believe?

To live an illusion is to divorce yourself from what is real.  It is to live what is false.

One could say that this quote suggests that Camus lived an illusion and was comfortable in it.  Such a life is childish, leads to imbalance, illness, error and chaos.

A life conformed to illusion is a life lived by the Left.

He also thought the end of illusion deprived a person of hope.  How can that be?

For a Christian, the end of illusion makes room for faith.  God fills the void that arises when illusion is dispatched, falls away, is banished, debunked.

Look about America now.  See the illusions.  See hope chocked off by “political correctness” that memorializes illusions, institutionalizes madness and immaturity.

In thinking of “political correctness,” think of how aborting a child becomes a “right.” How Holy Matrimony is distorted, “re-defined.”  How distinctions between men and women are eradicated.  How a nation’s borders are dismissed.  How ISIS cannot be plainly named by Leftist politicians who cling to their fantasies and impose them on others.

In a real way, since the end of World War II, the West has had this fundamental challenge to face: Do we believe or do we not believe?

The Left does not believe.  To them living the sickness of illusion is preferred, and faith must be challenged because it poses a threat to their distorted existence.

Yes, the battle is joined in the West and the U.S. now.  The question is simple: To believe or not believe?  That is the basic question that divides us.  That is the division the Left imposes on this culture, this nation and the West at-large.

I believe.  Do you?

I have not lost hope.  My hope has enlarged with each demonstrated failures of the Left. The more they show their failure, the more space opens itself to Belief, to God.

Stranger?  No.  Child of God?  Yes.

Where are you on this?