“Theology takes cognizance of a soul only in its relationship to God; its relation to its fellow-men, in the end, helps to constitute its relations with God.”

Caroline Gordon

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The public discussion of politics and life in today’s secular American culture is, frankly, inane.  It lacks depth, a hint of intellect or insight.  It is as if we dropped to earth yesterday, as if there is no history or historical development, no theology, no religious narrative, no lasting literature, no psychology, no human record whatsoever.

Most of what we hear in public discourse is not worth listening to.  The public chatter is a very, very narrow bandwidth.  One might call it “dumb.”

Someone asserts X is a racist and Y and anti-Semite.  Dumb as we are – others count this as truth.  A demonstration starts.  Hysteria follows.  The press (equipped with a B.A. from some “named” college or another which has long ago abandoned teaching and knowledge) trumpets the chatter and those who are skeptical do the very worse they can – they repeat the idiocy by talking about it endlessly.

One gets the clear sense that we are in the monkey house, thrown back to prehistoric times.

As the novelist and literary critique Caroline Gordon so rightly knows the soul figures into human existence.  What a novel thought to today’s very poorly educated intellectual class, and indeed the religious hierarchy who suffer from their easy-street sequester – a life buffeted from the travails of actual living, the very thing that teaches faith: real life.

The point to be made for Catholic laity is this: we know that God has already created the universe and given us a moral order and it is our task to find our proper place in it, and, of course, oppose its dissolution.  

Folks it ain’t that hard.  No more wasting time on conversations about transgender bathrooms, euthanasia, the child sacrifice we call abortion, the fiction of same-sex marriage, the preposterous notion of a nation without borders or one godless world government with the dumbed-down Baracks and Hillarys, oddball professors, and a sundry privileged know-it-alls attempting idiotically to control all aspects of human existence.

The silence of the lambs at the top of the man-made religious institutions, by the way, remind us the Pharisees are to be ignored while the law of faith is to be complete by the experience of God through Christ Jesus.

You see, like it or not, God has placed His bet on the Body of Christ and each of us in it.

Yes, the curtain is up and you are on stage.  God bless.  Do your job.  Live your faith.  Shun the noise.  Do not be misled.  You can do it.  God made you for this. You get to be a disciple. It is your time!  Be the Christ in you.