Drop everything … to find Him in the silence where He is hidden with you.  Listen to what He has to say.

Thomas Merton, in The Intimate Merton

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These are Thomas Merton’s words from his personal journal as written on April 20, 1947.

Yes, God is hidden within you.  Hence, to live with God is to engage in an interior journey. A journey that is personal, intimate and requires quiet, silence, being alone and utter honesty.

In an interior journey we need not have answers, they will emerge in the silence. You will find that in the silence the truth of your life will be clear to you.  In the quiet you will see yourself, know your gifts and your challenges, where you have grown and where you have still to grow.

Prayer follows spontaneously – prayer of thanksgiving for the God who loves you and the good that others have shown you and that you have exhibited as if by chance.  Yet, the good is that which He has made in you and others.

In the silence of the interior journey, prayer will be instinctive.  You will pray for help in growing past your shortcomings, habits and those common reactions in you where passions speak so unkindly.  In this desire for God’s help humility is real and abundant … how we need His help!

The interior journey never ceases.

I have found that in aging one comes to know that we are made to be alone with God, in silence, in quiet.  There it seems, with age and quiet, you become a softer presence in the world, a kinder presence.  I suspect what I describe is a turn to love and in that is the preparation for what lies beyond this mortal time – a turn toward eternity if one so warrants.

Take time for the interior journey.  Until you do, life is a jumble – a carnival ride without a seat-belt where you get tossed about and tumbled and remained mystified by it all, confused and so easily led in the wrong and fruitless direction which comes from the minds of men and women who live without God. Your guidance is within – go there.


Footnote – I often say that we must as a culture return to God and this is true. Yet, doing so in not a movement in the aggregate but the work of individuals moving one by one to God and in that we move together as a culture.

Yes, we each must do the work of faith and speak in the voice of faith – each drawing closer to God makes for a culture that is closer to God.

I stress the importance of this my saying that I recently saw a video of ISIS radicals forcing an old lady to kneel on a public street corner while one of their members spoke of her “offenses” and at the end of his speech, a companion of his who was standing behind the women shot her in the head.  This underscores the importance of our individual responsibility to journey to the God who is Love.  The world is a challenging place.  You have an important role to play.