… she … had affliction thrust upon her.  Now, in her sickness, and in her response to it, she began to know the Catholic faith first hand.  As she injected herself with ACTH and learned to walk on her fragile bones, she converted to the religion she already believed in, and her imitation of Christ began. (Emphasis added.)

Paul Elie, in The Life You Save May be Your Own

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The above passage refers to young Flannery O’Connor, the brilliant Catholic writer, who was afflicted with lupus, the same disease that had taken her father’s life.

What might we say of this passage so worthy of our reflection?

First, life is thrust upon us.  We are not its author, no more than a tennis player is the creator of the sport.  We, like the player, participate.

Secondly, those who profess to be Christians are hastened to know the depth, meaning and truth of their faith when the dark clouds gather, the hard rain falls and the gales commence.  In the ebon, light is brightest.  There we meet Christ, within and without. Yes, in the trials we come to our fullness, that which exceeds time and gravity.  There eternity trumps mortality … one game exceeds another.

Third, for a Christian life is the imitation of Christ, and this is evolutionary not instantaneous.  Spiritual existence matures in time, strife is its leaven.  Life is a slow cooker event.  It is not mircowaveable.  Patience becomes the Believer.

And there is in the above also this lesson: if you wish to know what is wrong with this culture today, with the juvenile, spoiled children in the street and those teaching at the colleges, universities and public and private preparatory schools, in the news business, in city politics, in “progressive” causes, on the Bench, and in the “entertainment” industry – it is this: no faith, no Christ, no God.

These people defy who and what we are.  Their tantrums are the tactic of a two-year old. They actually expect us to accommodate their selfish and destructive demands, adopt their chaos, force their insanity on us.  Balderdash!

We are a Judeo-Christian culture, the pinnacle of Western thought.  Our problems are the product of faithlessness and the narcissism it produces.

The wise know we all walk on fragile bones.

The Left is the antithesis of wisdom, and their arrogance and selfishness is caustic.

Turn a deft ear to their howls and fits of childish anger, police their destructive deeds, hold them accountable for their behavior.  Spoiled children hold no sway over us.

The preservation of America’s Judeo-Christian culture is the task at hand.


Observation – Wonder what to conclude about the Weepy Left?  Simple: soft, weak.  Ain’t no starch in them genes.  Now you know – go right at the nonsense when you hear it.  No fight in those puppies.