… those He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to His Son …

Rom 8:29

+ + +

These are the words of St. Paul and they best never be forgotten, lest we each and all loose our way, our confidence and become converted not to God but this world and us alone in it.

How do these words apply today?

First, we have all been through a very stressful and fundamentally significant national election.  Such events draw us into the world, are emotionally-charged and now we must return to a stable base and our base is the above understanding – an understanding that says to us: “conform to Christ.”

We have drifted far away from what we once were in this land.  The drift has taken up the better part of the last fifty years.  Our economy has changed.  Industry has moved off shore. Jobs have been lost.  Our social existence is quite different than it once was. Morality seems to have been ignored.  These are disorienting developments.  In these developments we can and did lose our way.

Now we see that we have much to do to restore our nation to health.  Such a task requires a firm foundation, a settled and confident attitude.

Our foundation and confidence rests on the above truth: we are predestined to conform to Christ. Yes, this is the essential foundation upon which success is realized.  

If we hold fast to this principle we will succeed.  In its absence, we have created calamity and division. This should be obvious to all of us at this point.

We had best take heed and build on the only strong foundation we have.

Loving Father, guide the men and women of this land to the wisdom to conform to Christ, and plant in the hearts of those who would lead us the first and essential task of conforming to your Son in all they do.  Amen.


Student Tantrums – Compare these people with Navy Seals.  Weak versus strong. Children versus Adults.  Those who do nothing versus heroes.  Pathetic.

Do we really need to fund colleges, universities and a public education system that makes pampered babies out of children that should become adults but are not reaching that plateau?