… fear constrains the slave; greed binds the selfish …

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

 + + +

So what converts one to faith?  Many things.

In essence it is life lived with thirst and hunger for meaning, purpose, peace.

Conversion arises out of the absurdities, frustrations and calamities of secular existence and more so when secularism and its high priests discredit and dismiss faith in favor of their soulless conformity.

Yes, conversion grows in the soil of antagonistic consciousness, things hostile to human existence and full human experience (which is, by design, spiritual existence).

Conversion grows out of our errors and unhappiness, for material existence alone is unsettling and adverse to human happiness.  The material has no lasting meaning while human life does.

Conversion arises as material and political existence awaken a longing for peace, internal quiet, contentment, joy in living – in breathing, and in the implicit intimacy we desire in life.

Conversion exposes the limits of the mind, the infinity of the heart, and the eternity of the soul.

Conversion brings a Zen-like certainty, a moment-to-moment stability in the midst of the constant flow and movement all around us.

Conversion gives us independence and inter-dependence, allows us to keep distance where distance ought be kept.  It sanitizes.  It frees us up.  It quiets and perfects our vision.

Conversion dismisses any notion that we are required to command our future.  It destroys the idea that we are responsible for “changing the world.”

Conversion allows us to say: “Don’t just do something, stand there.”

Conversion stands us on a large ball filled with air and all lets us balance ourselves ever so delicately while the winds blow and frenzied ones rush to and fro, near and far.

Conversion comes in times and circumstances just as we have today.


Arrogance – The Democrats and their “progressive” organizations are precisely the kind of people you would not invite to your house.  They lack humility and think in all things that they can tell you what you can and cannot do.

As to President-elect Trump, they boldly tell him who can and who he cannot hire. They really are the kind of people who you just want to ignore.

They all seem to have the Senator Harry Reid gene: obnoxious, wrong-headed, rude, untruthful, excessively self-important, and utterly boorish.  Just fools and lousy neighbors.

These are the people who provide unwanted and unwise self-serving advice, and worse: they give orders without any authority.  They are the meddling mother-in-law, the over-bearing mother relentlessly policing the life of her adult, married son. They are too primitive and ignorant to understand when to shut up.

No wonder no one likes them enough to put them in charge of state legislatures or governor’s offices.  They just never learn.  How obnoxious they are.