And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”

But He answered and said, “… Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Matt 4: 3-4

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This passage conveys the first exchange between Jesus and Satan after Jesus had concluded a 40 day fast alone in the desert.

Satan, as evil does, chose to exploit Jesus by addressing His hunger.  That is, giving Him something good and essential when he was vulnerable.  But Jesus knew that something more than bread was necessary for life, namely – that man’s spiritual needs were foremost.

This is a wisdom lesson that must be at the center of your orientation to the world. If it is so, you will not fall prey to Marxist foolishness or let a government make you a “dependent” who is consigned to idleness, and subservience.   In a word, you will not be trapped in the Democrat notion of life-long dependency … a state that empowers them at grave detriment to you. Indeed, your God-given dignity demands more of you, and more from you.

In simple terms: you are God’s child and valuable as such. It follows that you can work and know the achievement and pride of human toil, honest work and caring for your family.

Dependency, in contrast, is no substitute for fulfillment of a life that God has given to you for good use.

A significant fact often left out in this Biblical account is this: at the time Jesus lived, the Roman Empire distributed bread to promote goodwill for Caesar and his empire.  Free bread advanced his interests but did not satisfy the deepest needs of people to know their value, know their Creator and find strength, confidence, independence and solace in a relationship with God, their Creator.

Does this story not serve us today in our culture, in how we are governed, and how we understand our humanity and God’s divinity?

You know the answer.

Is it any wonder that bread figures into the Passover meal and our communion offering of bread and wine?  Again, the question answers itself.

Attend to government and political parties the way Jesus attended to Satan.  Do not forfeit what God has made in you.  Live in dignity and honor.  Expect excellence from yourself.


Comment – This blog initially focused on living faith in contemporary secular culture.  Out of necessity and because politics and the nation state have become a dominant aspects of living exclusionary secular, it has morphed into a blog on the faith, politics, culture and the individual.  Please share Spirlaw with those who may be interested in the content of this rather unusual blog. Thank you.