Ideologies are mental prisons that produce blindness.

Fernando Araya

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Yes, the election was won by one who is not of the present political establishment. For this we can be grateful.  This is a critical corrective opportunity, for we have been gifted with an outsider who brings a new set of eyes and a critical view of the current very troubled state of our Nation and our culture.

However, let us be clear about what has happened in American culture and what has brought us to this point.

Our culture has been radically distorted by Leftist ideology and Leftist ideologues. They populate the Democrat Party, union bosses, the media, press, educational system, entertainment industry, clerical corps, and ranks of wealthy globalists.

Our universities and public school systems could all be best known as Candy Land – not educational environments – for they have failed to educate but rather have indoctrinated our children into an ideological view that is anti-democratic, ignorant of America’s history, its unique political philosophy and governing structure, the design and indispensable utility of our brilliant Constitution, our essential place in West Civilization, and the vital role that faith and morality play in our Nation’s peace and unity.

To see our five to six decades of decline and deterioration is to see the destruction of Leftist ideology culminating in broad scale Clintonian corruption that has undermined even our national security and personal safety and survival.

The point is this: we must restore our culture.  Yes, more than policy change is needed.

We must have a vigorous and brutally honest, critical review of education, popular entertainment, public media, legal training, and government support of troublesome private organizations and failing government agencies and departments.  Likewise, we need to reinvigorate an appreciation for the essential role of faith and morality in our Nation.

We need to ask ourselves: What is the philosophy that underpins the activists among us? Is it hostile to America and our peace and prosperity?  Does it bring division, hatred, bigotry, destruction?  Are their points of view based on what is true?  Or, are they merely self-serving and false?  Can they withstand a serious critical review?  If not, they will be exposed as fraudulent, be discredited and fade from view.

If we are to move forward and bring balance and peace to this society, policy changes are only the first step.  The more critical task is a sustained and serious, public examination of our culture and its parts – not asking simply: what is wrong, but asking how has the Left and its ideology distorted and damaged America in the last five to six decades?

The sweetness of truth is eternal.

St. Augustine, in De. Verb. Dom. Serm.

We must turn from ideology to Truth.


A Tip – If the Democrat Party does not move to the center, you can write them off.  Their current mindset is destructive and creates chaos.  Ditto the press and media.  No sense listening to disordered people.