… a rigid, blinkered, absolute world view is the easiest to keep hold of, whereas the fluid, uncertain, metamorphic picture … is always vulnerable …

Salman Rushdie

+ + +

Rigidity.  Corpses are rigid.  The Living are not.

The Leftist protesters are rigid.  “People of change” are, in truth, reactionaries.

They, like the Leftist students in Paris, want lifetime predictability, government jobs, with long vacations and early retirement.  Absent that, they want handouts and no responsibilities whatsoever.

Do you see the sweet irony that they do not fathom?

Their words convey their opposite meaning.  They are absurd characters in their own absurdist play.  True to form, they are unaware of their foolish incongruity. They are narcissists without a mirror.

Make no mistake, those in the streets are the walking dead – their animation cannot mask the rigor mortis in them.  They of the “save spaces” fear life and living.

They are weak, static, soft.  They are the stiffness of death.  They seek life as in the time-stopped Cuba – a land of slogan, not prosperity nor freedom.  They fancy the antique Lenin and Stalin as do the public “sympths” in the media, press and among the circus denizens of the “entertainment industry.”

Americans live free.  Are independent.  Have courage.  Confidence.  Faith.  We do not settle for handouts, Big Brother or the Nanny State.  We do not worry and weep, sleep with the light on, hasten to control others, distort human nature, divide and antagonize.

We work hard and we live what life brings us.   We are realists and practical.

We know that life has risk.  We know that this brings out the best in us.  We know our soul. We dare to live striving for what is good, knowing we are imperfect and that God governs.

We know storms and injustice and, seek excellence when we are at our best.

We are the antithesis of the frightened and confused reactionaries in the street.