The Election of Donald J. Trump, November 8, 2016

I dedicate this post to my dear childhood friend and brother Buddy Mahar who, as a common man like me, had the genius to see in Donald Trump the good and able person that he was.

# # #

The strength of a nation lies in the well-being of the common man.

Diosdalo Macapagel

We have elected a man as President who is of common background and disposition.  He is a man who is not from the political class nor from an established political family.

His election was made ready because he saw, cared about, and focused his campaign on the plight of the common and forgotten men and women of America – those for whom globalism and elite Leftist politicians have brought loss, disregard, condemnation, dependency and ridicule.

It takes, you see, a common man to see the common men.  Those who are special and think themselves brighter and more important than others cannot see the everyday-man or woman nor know his and her suffering and care about it.

Today we learned an important lesson: our strength, our character, our success, our merit and our collective well-being lies in seeing, befriending and caring for the common men and women of this nation, for they are the source of our greatness.

Let us not forget this – ever.

God has once again blessed America.  Let us give thanks and live as One Nation under God.


Loving God, we give you thanks and ask that you care for President-elect Donald J. Trump, that you keep him safe, and guide him.

Lesson Learned –  God does not forsake those who believe.  Stay strong in your belief.  God chooses the messengers.  Remember the point is the message, not the messenger.  See and listen with the eyes and ears of faith – and worry will be no more.  God is good and we are made for Him and the good within us.  We are One under God.