The Comey announcement?  Psychological warfare?

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The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.

Dante Alighieri

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Times of great moral crisis.  We are there.  But where are you?

Do you see?  Can you face reality?  Or do you turn away?  Desire to live only what you wish to see?  Are you that fearful?  That foolish?  That faithless?  That useless?

I am often called upon by others these days to explain why so many people live so poorly? How it is that they can avert their eyes from the theft, lying and corruption that is rendered in plain view.  How they so willingly are bedfellows to untruth, corruption and disorder. (Yes, the corrupt live on lies to self and others and are always disordered human beings with distorted marriages, abhorrent practices, habits and lives.)

My answer often offers this: people are not brave, they do not stick their neck out. I add: they prefer to hide, pretend that they can hide from evil and ignore the fact that they have responsibility for it – more so when they are silent in the presence of evil.

Those who ignore what is in plain view – can plan on an eternity of well-earned torment, pain and suffering.

So be it.

As for me, I am discrete when it comes to the company I keep.  In these times I keep company with fewer people.  The harvest is small.  My days are quiet. Contemplation and prayer grow.


Wonder – wonder how long it will be before the rank and file FBI people begin to leak that there was in fact many “somethings” in the Huma 650,000 emails. The record on Mr. Comey?  Not long on integrity.  One way to look at this Comey announcement?  The elites are that troubled. Corruption is, after all, corrupt. Don’t listen to the media or anyone else; it is all psychological warfare.