Without God people only succeed in bringing out the worse in one another.

Fulton J. Sheen

+ + +

Yes, without God we are a wreck, create chaos, division and hostility.  Without God, things are destroyed.  Marriage.  Community.  Peace.  A person.  Even a Nation.

Wonder where we are?  Why we are unhappy?  Fearful?  Antagonistic?  Petty? Foolish? Irritating?  Confused?  Divided?  No God.  That’s why.

Listen to the discussion about the election and the state of life in the U.S.  Does anyone – commentators or candidates – mention God?  The place of belief in community?  In a people who claim a nationhood?  You know the answer; and, it is, “No.”

And the scribes and intellectuals – what wisdom do they offer on the importance of God to the human person, to community, to a nation, to America, Western Civilization?  The answer, of course, is “None.”

We are lost.  Without meaning and purpose. Without direction.

Have you heard one insightful word from the nominal figure in the White House in eight years?  Again, “No.”  Rather we hear only ideological gibberish from the Left and those transfixed on doctrines of race, gender, class, etc.  With each word they destroy and subtract from the sum of human knowledge.  What a mess.

It is the language and experience of God, not government, that we need.  Yes, shrink government and grow God is the prescription for the sickness that is killing us.

We are in need of fixing and the fixing is as to the Spirit, as to each of us and who we really are in being human, capable of love of others rather than, and self-sacrifice, honor and virtue.  But, no one speaks of this so we might know and heal. In the absence – disorder and inevitable collapse.

Father, bring us back to You …


Postscript – Dear Mr. Putin – Can you please put me on the list of those receiving top secret emails disclosing our national security secrets?  I understand that Chelsea Clinton, Anthony Weiner and others have these emails on their computers.  I don’t want to be the only one “out of the loop.”