preposterous adj. Contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd.  See Synonyms at foolish. [Latin praeposterus, “inverted,” perverted, absurd … ]

New College Edition, The American Dictionary of the English Language

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Preposterous.  It pretty much describes the present moment in American history. Yes, we live in a perverted time.

What do I mean?

A woman who as Secretary of State has managed to put every American man, woman and child at grave danger (extinction, death) by exposing our most significant national security secrets to our enemies is running for President and being protected from prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice, the President and the fawning national press and media.

The fact that this woman has not met (with but few exceptions) any resistance from the elites in our society is cause for a thorough “changing of the guard,” a top to bottom “house cleaning,” or maybe even a “barn-burning.”

Yes, inversions are rectified from the ground up.  This is the exact movement we see in the Trump candidacy – common people, sick of the absurdity on the Left, and failures of the Congress and the Judiciary are moving to protect their freedom, preserve this nation, and restore reason.

Yes, absurdity and foolishness out, and common sense in.

Yes, the bureaucracies are occupied not by public servants, but political partisans, Party hacks. The ranks must be thinned and many cashed out.  Likewise, strict oversight must be maintained so that no department or agency is captured by political partisans lest government become an all-intrusive intimidator – a Soviet-style menacing Big Brother that extinguishes freedom, demands conformity and instills fear.

One can only hope that in restoring reason and sanity, the proper prosecutorial steps will proceed unhindered to pursue those who have been responsible for a breach of national security or any corruption or any quid pro quo transactions that show money or benefits were received that produced favorable government access and/or decisions.

Make no mistake: the angst and broad repulsion you see is a reaction to what is preposterous, perverted, wrong, dangerous and threatens our freedom and survival as well as our national identity, prosperity, honesty and decency.


News Item – Yesterday Wikileaks published emails which purport to  show that contrary to her public claims and statements made under penalty of perjury Ms. Clinton seems did not have turned over to The State Department all her work-related emails.  This is conveyed in Wikileaks emails of her campaign staff and lawyer.  Sad, if accurate.