… everything we see before us today is more or less polluted, diluted and devalued.

Karl Barth, in Community, Church and State

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Barth said this in 1946.  It is actually far worse here in the U.S. today.  Worse?

Yes, departments of government have been corrupted, one political Party in particular stands for what is false, untrue, “dirty tricks,” slander, collusion and the like.  And the media and press seem to have fallen in line.  Law itself is lawless, and justice is denied.

Yes, we have a crisis – a crisis of national character which, in its natural course – if unchecked and uncorrected – will destroy us as sure as the Roman Empire was destroyed.

In the midst of this I am struck by the silence and the absence of good men and women standing up, calling out the corrupt ones, demanding their resignation and their prosecution.

Where are the Church leaders on this?  The Bar Associations?  The retired judges – free to voice their objection, anger and outrage?  The University presidents? Esteemed public servants?  The so-called Union leaders?  The President?  Vice-President?  The privileged families of this land?  The Bushes?  The Kennedys?  The wise historians who have been honored by our esteem?  Where are these privileged people of plenty?

And where is our local clergy?

Where are our civic associations and national organizations?  The AMA?  The ABA? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce?  The weekly and monthly national periodicals? Where?

Where are our industrial leaders?  Corporate heads?  Those who run our Catholic universities, or faith-based colleges? Where?  Where are these people?

The bankers and financiers?  Where are the Tom Cooks?  The Bill Gates?  The Warren Buffets? So many of them are all talk when there is no crisis – but remain “missing in action” when the rubber hits the road and there is fight to be had and leadership required.

Silence now is assent – betrayal, cowardice.  

Your Country is the token of the mission which God has given you to fulfill in Humanity.

Giuseppe Mazzini, in The Duties of Man

In the 5th Century B.C. Confucius said “To see what is right and not to do it, is want of courage.”

Shame on those who remain silent.  May we listen to them never more.

I guess we will have to rely on Fox News, Donald Trump and his supporters when it comes to courage, honesty and love of country.