No permanent enemies, no permanent friends.

An Old Washington Saying

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This is an old Washington adage that sets the tone in our Capitol City and in its principal preoccupation: politics.  This gem leads to another Washington truism about political people: deep down inside, they’ll really shallow.

When you look at the Bill and Hillary-Weiner-Abedin mess you are likely to see each of these truism in play.

As to the first: when “the you know what, hits the you know what” – it’s every man or woman for himself or herself.  Yes, rats rat each other out lickety-split.  So much for friendship and loyalty.

Politics in Washington produces a “use” society: A uses B, B uses A and so on – until someone might go to jail.  Then its a sprint for the exits and often for the prosecutor’s office to make a deal for yourself to the detriment of others and, of course, at the cost of virtue, loyalty and honor.  We have seen this movie before – and its remake is periodic.

This town sorta’ proves of Aristotle’s observation: that good fortune is standing next to the guy who gets hit with the arrow.

Not a lot of love in this town.  Little intimacy.  This shows us that in politics God is often persona non grata and nary a soul has thoughts of self-sacrifice, or dying to self or for another. No monks here, near as I can tell.

In the mess that is the Server Saga now morphed into a Halloween Horror Show trifecta of questions of national security breaches, pay-for-play inquiries, and an alleged faux charitable foundation, sundry political staff members may find law enforcement in their future.

It is a sordid tale.  Its origins?  Well, incomplete people with a thirst for self-gratification with just enough education to think more of themselves than they should, a poverty of wisdom, character and real life experience, and no particular interest in God are, as we saw with Charles Colson and his pals, certain to end up with unplanned mug shots and public humiliation.

There are many lessons from this; sadly, lessons that good people know very well and marginal people know not at all.

Among these lessons is this: when you live in a culture where there are no permanent friendships – there are no intimate unions, little reverence for God or for the human person, and hence little or no loyalty or trust.

Yes, in such an environment – no matter the veneer of a group, the important “cause,” or Party, or ideology, or political movement it is always about self, and greed and power and pleasure and secrecy and “getting over” on other people.  

Ya, it’s an ugly, juvenile mess … That’s what we have here now.


Footnote – If there is something good about this it is that we have a golden opportunity to correct our course and return to living honorable, faithful lives as One Nation under God.

Caution – Be careful as to whom you listen to regarding this election.  For example, some Leftist ultra-partisans are now asserting that the Russian KBG has intervened in the election to favor Mr. Trump.  Why would a Communist want to interfere with the success of the American Left?