Of all the human pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is the most perfect, the most sublime, the most profitable, the most delightful.

St. Thomas Aquinas, in Summa contra Gentiles

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There is no wisdom without God, the source of all that is wise, and the sacred task of living life as it presents: struggles and all.  Those who live otherwise cannot know wisdom.  Yes, God and the confidence to live what is presented are the route to wisdom.

Wisdom gives sight – the capacity to see what others cannot.

I give you an example from the news.

On Friday we learned that Hillary Clinton’s chief assistant, Huma Abedin, had more than 10,000 emails related to her tenure with Ms. Clinton, on her home computer. These caused the FBI to renew their investigation of Ms. Clinton.

The emails were discovered by the FBI in New York City as they were investigating Ms. Abedin’s husband.

Ms. Abedin seems not to have disclosed to Ms. Clinton’s lawyer or the FBI that she had these emails. She claims she “does not know” how the emails appeared on her computer. It is reported that her husband is cooperating with the FBI in their investigations.

What sense can one make of this?  Did Abedin “forget” she had these emails?  

The answer probably comes from knowing that Ms. Abedin’s emails were stored in a file labeled “Life Insurance.”  What does that tell us?

It is ironic but not accidental that the file was labeled “Life Insurance.”

The label suggests that these emails might well have been collected as a protection against any future prosecution that Ms. Abedin might face.  That is: these emails are likely her potential bargaining chips against prosecution should she be implicated in any wrongdoing that arises from her association with Ms. Clinton.  This seems all the more likely as Ms. Abedin claims not to remember having these emails; she held them when she might have turned them over to Ms. Clinton’s lawyer or the FBI investigators; and, when one considers that her husband is “cooperating” with the FBI in the course of their investigation of him.

Reading tea leaves requires good eyesight and wisdom.  Perhaps, the above is not precisely the answer but it gives “order” to the reports as they are laid out.

Yes, wisdom comes from a relationship with God and the faith to live life as it appears.  In doing each we see people, events, motives, relationships and the story presented by facts and actions more clearly.

As for Ms. Clinton.  Her life may state to fray at this point.  This is what happens when those who work for you collect your emails in a file marked “Life Insurance.”