The Blog Post for Saturday, October 29, 2016.

… the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Now Dear Hillary, let’s not be looking for FBI Director Comey to be “bailing” you out of a mess you created by disclosing the details of his renewed investigation of you.

We know you had trouble passing the Bar despite (or maybe because of) your Yale education, but you know or should know that no prosecutor or investigator is obligated or permitted to disclose to others, particularly the potential target or targets of an investigation, the details they have at their disposal while their investigation is ongoing.

Yes, we recognize that this is not quite the paddy-cake treatment you got at the prior stage of your investigative troubles, but this is a new day and the world of law enforcement may just be reverting back to its normal standard … translation: you may be treated like every other target of an investigation (imagine that!).

But above all, knowing how you used to say that Eleanor Roosevelt spoke to you when you were in the White House, take heed of what she said: “the choices we make are … our own responsibility.”  Yes, that is a grown-up’s obligation making it all that much more important for you to accept responsibility.

Remember, you chose to have a private, unsecured email server, and to use a number of devices (some lost by you) to send and receive secret national security information in a manner that allowed our adversaries to access that which were state secrets – the very information which keeps us and those who work for us, and our allies safe and secure.

It was you who lied about this matter – telling one thing, then another, and another – all with the intent to avoid responsibility for what you did.

Dear Hillary, neither you nor your aids and enablers (who knew of your poor choices) did anything to stop you, but rather you and them furthered your delinquent choices regarding our national security and refused to tell the truth when it was required.  Tut, tut.

Responsibility, Hillary … responsibility.

Time to accept the consequences of your choices. Be a man, Hillary – be a man.