Everything we do is sowing, and all our experiences are harvests.

Khemetic Saying

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A sowing.  Yes, life is a sowing.  In our life experience is the harvest.

But who among us is open to experience?  Fewer than one might imagine.  One first misstep is to construct the image we intend to acquire, the person we perceive we “shall be.”  This is step one in a life of pride.  Disaster and discontent follow.  Why?  The world does not bend design.  Yet, many pursue this course no matter to manifest destruction, confusion, injury to self and others that this course generates.

Others shun experience in favor of conforming to the institutional identity in which they become too readily invested as their full identity.  One hears “I am a lawyer. Hurrah for me!”  “I am a professor.  Hurrah for me!”

We are always more than a title, what we do, how we get paid.  There is so much more than this to whom we are.  Life is a sowing.  The harvest is in the experience of it all.

Think about it.

In the harvest is the understanding, the depth, identity, meaning, fullness of being, wisdom, insight, faith confirmed and come to life.


Observation – When experience is limited as a character of culture – a culture begins to look like this: misfits with what was once privileged education attain and occupy all sorts of influential positions are able to be consistently wrong in their actions and opinions without any disqualification.  It is quite a sign of rot when you think about it – and, frankly, these privileged people and their “authority” and comfort is now threatened by Trump and his vast range of followers. Narrowing experience is a sort-of sick in-breeding. Yes, it poisons the cultural gene pool.