… silence teaches us to know reality …

Thomas Merton, in Thoughts in Solitude

+ + +

The world is noisy and full of empty shells spewing words upon words that defile creation – selling this and that, advocating change and shamelessly proclaiming that they, the looniest of the bunch, know what’s best despite their cowardice and corrupt intentions.

Silence, in comparison, is a restorative repose.  Sanity in silence.

In my own case, it is a respite from a culture full of discontent – and the pathetic disorientation of sectors and groups who bellow of the real or imagined injustice done to them as if others live without challenges and obstructions.

Silence distances me from the craven crowd of shameless complainers whose “shouts” are now codified by sex, race, class, ethnicity, ideology, bigotry, protected disorder and what-have-you.

In silence there is peace.  And God.

In silence ones sees the godless tragedy of the disgruntled “others.”  Silence makes a healthy distance where life can be good and rest comes easy.  There is wealth in silence and freedom too, and joy and ease of soul.

In times of great confusion, the silent ones are wise.  Listen to them … if they fail to use words, listen to them all the more.  How do they move?  What do they do?  Who do they avoid?  In these things, they speak.

In the chaos evil and anger breed and multiply in strength and volume.  In silence, evil fades from view. In silence, the night’s dark is lit and God keeps vigil with you.

In silence you meet yourself and find a friend.  In silence body and soul are one, united when once divided.  You see, in the noise-filled world … the body shouts and the soul is hushed and unheard.

In silence, you are in the Spirit – alive at last.


Added Bonus – In silence the judges and politicians, and media types, and talking heads, and pundits, and university breed, and the clamoring herds of well-practiced whiners turn to dust and drift away, invisible and gone forevermore.