Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

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It is really quite revealing that Hillary Clinton has not disclosed the nature and scope of her medical condition.  More so, because we know she must take off several days a week to rest in seclusion and even more so because we have seen her in public in a very feeble and weakened state, as needing help to walk up stairs, as in a complete collapse, and according to her husband to have lost consciousness now often over the years.  Likewise, her testimony in various investigations and legal challenges reminds as, along with her own reporting, that she has an habitual loss of memory.

These are very serious signs and it hardly seems reasonable to be a candidate for President when the survival and wellbeing of millions upon millions of people depend on you to be healthy and possess a sound mind and memory required for prudent judgment.

As Gandhi says so accurately – a just cause has room for the truth.  It follows that we should expect the truth from her.

If one wonders about the fitness of either major candidate to govern, is it not Ms. Clinton’s responsibility to be completely truthful about her health and her illness or illnesses?

Absent that, how can she be trusted?

Absent that, we are left with questions.  Is she but a shill of others who have expectations that they will govern with her but a prop?  Will our fate be determined by undisclosed wealthy individuals or interests who have been her and her husband’s financial benefactors?  Or by foreign oligarchs who have made generous gifts to her or her husband, their business interests or foundation? Under whose control will she be?  To whom might she be beholden?

The absence of these questions in the media and press only heightens the concern and poisons her electoral well.  Yes, sensible people reject those who are less than truthful on such vital matters.  Fools, on the contrary, rush in.

Those desiring increased power or enhanced wealth, count on fools and truths that are hidden from public view.

In sum, why do we wish to place our welfare and survival on the weakened shoulders of one who is not truthful about their infirmed state?  The limits of their capacity to function?

Are we a nation of fools or a nation of sensible people?