Sic Semper Tyrannis

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This is the motto which appears on the flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It is Latin and its says “Death always to Tyrants.”  It sits below an image of Lady Virtue holding a spear with one foot perched triumphantly on the chest of a slain tyrant.

These words seem a fitting invocation today given what we have learned from this most revealing presidential campaign.

In the end this campaign has not been not about policy, or personal preference for one face or image over another, or about alleged peccadilloes ginned up by the “dirty tricksters” on the Democrat Left who insured voter fraud would be committed and paid mentally ill and homeless people to cause fights and raise cane (Kaine, how beautifully Shakespearean the truth and its irony) at their opponent’s rallies.

Nor is this election about Hillary and her Klan destroying evidence of their wrongdoing, or the corruption of the justice system at its very top, or her jeopardizing our national security and personal safety in order to hide evidence of her “pay for play” corruption and ineptness, or the collusion between the partisan press and media and the totalitarian Democrat Left, or the unlawful acceptance by Ms. Clinton and company of campaign money from foreign governments, and corrupt oligarchs, or her lies or convenient amnesia when under oath or asked in public to explain her questionable conduct, nor about her serious, concealed, debilitating health problems.

It is not merely about the end of the Second Amendment, or a continuation of Mr. Obama’s feckless foreign policy of retreat and weakness, or the continuation of abortion, or the furtherance of gender and sexual politics, racial divide and Catholic and Christian bigotry.  Nor is it about building a socialist one party state and destroying the American economy and eradicating our national identity.

No, this election is actually about showing us the great divide between the elites in this country and the vast population of good, hardworking, honest, faithful common folks.

This election shows us that the elites have their own rules and that the laws and obligation we live by do not apply to them.

This election has shown us tyranny and who the tyrants are.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.