This is an election about corruption and that means about who we are individually and as a nation.  Yes, are we moral and are we honest?

# # #

Those who put their trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, that cannot be shaken, that stands now and for ever …

Do good, Lord, to those who do good, to the upright of heart; but the crooked and those who do evil, drive them away.

Ps 125: 1-2, 4,5

+ + +

Looking back on my life as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., I cannot say that I recall anyone in my profession who lived courageously.

Perhaps, it was because we lived very well and there was money to be made; there always is in the capitol city of any nation for money never leaves power or the powerful.  Yes, this is a certain reason that the federal government should be decentralized – departments and agencies located outside Washington.  Why isn’t the Interior Department in the interior? The Agriculture Department closer to agriculture and those in it?  Etc.

Washington is a town of lawyers.  Throw a rock and you hit six or seven of them with one stone.

Lawyers there can make any dreadful thing look acceptable and see that decisions are delayed for ever.  This contributes to the government and legal opinions we get. Obamacare a tax!  Ya, right.

Given the gross corruption now visible in politics and in Washington, it is hard to justify the silence and inertia of the local Bar and ABA.  Ditto, legislators and the judiciary.

When I began law school we moved from teaching jurisprudence (moral philosophy) to teaching ethics.  This was a big mistake.  The former elevates the idea of good human being and good human conduct, while the latter seeks only that one adhere to a rule … and lawyers, more than any other profession, have the tools to make the argument that the grossest conduct approached but did not exceed the boundary of “the rule.”  

If you read of John Adams and other lawyers of bygone days you see people of principle, people with courage and wisdom, stalwarts of their community, people who earned the esteem and respect of others for their propriety, service to others not self, intellect, humanity, honesty, courage, fairness, compassion, leadership.

We are a far, far distance today from those people and those days. 

Shall we be upright of heart and courageous or harbor evil as we do now?  Your choice.


Prayer Request: Your prayers are requested for my childhood friend Gail Perry Borden and her husband, Ron. Ron suffered a heart attack while at their cabin in upstate Maine and was taken to a hospital in Bangor, Maine, and suffered a stroke there.  He was flown to the Massachusetts General Hospital where he is in critical condition.  Gail is in need of prayerful support as is her husband.