Sanctity must be achieved in our lifetime.  We are here for no other reason.

Dorothy Day

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This is true on its face.  Salvation is not gained after death.  Our life is our workshop, the place where we establish who we are – whether good or evil.

This obvious reality seems lost on Washington and on many of those in politics. The same can be said for the “global set” for whom money, status, influence, power and excess seem to eradicate any evidence of good taste, trust, honor, restraint or morality.  Each show by their conduct that they are not worthy of your time or attention.

As if the Comey-Lynch-Clinton disgrace is not sufficient, Ms. Clinton’s political aide John Podesta laments that the San Bernardino mass murderer was a Muslim not a white male. Yes, utterly pathetic.  Hereafter, know that the preposterous idea of a “War on Women” is and has always been a war on men, white men in particular.    

What can be done with people such a Comey, Lynch, Clinton and Podesta who disgrace themselves and this nation day after day?

With the state of corruption in the justice system and politics, and the conversion of the thoughtless press into partisan propagandists, one ought summarily reject these people.

Yes. But what more can the individual do?

Each of us can separate ourselves from the sordid mess.  Some, I suppose, can clamor for independent, privately funded inquiries to commence immediately.  (No sense expecting the Congress to do anything – in the majority they seem too close to the ongoing cesspool that is life and business emanating from Washington.)

Come what may, the individual can separate at no cost by simply making space between himself and herself and the dirt and deception that is secularism.

How so?

Pay less attention to mass culture; do not be trucked into its dialogue, nor attracted to the desires it promotes.  Don’t let them make you Pavlov’s Dog.  Don’t run when they call.

On your own, live a more monastic life – pay attention to prayer, silence, solitude, worship, spiritual reading, contemplation.  Monks, you know, separate from the “modern” man and women and their exhibition of folly and disorder. Monks are the better for it.  You will be too.

Rise above the muck.  Repudiate in each breath, and at every chance, the sickness that surrounds you in secular life.  Sanctity and salvation are established in life and how YOU live it.