There can be no question: the psychological dangers through which earlier generations were guided by symbols and spiritual exercises of their mythological and religious inheritance, we today (in so far as we are unbelievers, or, if believers, in so far as our inherited beliefs fail to represent the real problems of contemporary life) must face alone, or, at best, with only tentative impromptu, and not often very effective guidance.  This is our problem as modern, “enlightened” individuals, for whom all gods and devils have been rationalized out of existence.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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It is darkly amusing how no one in academic or public life can see that the above quote applies to today.  Or that it fits the circumstances the Left has created.

We can drown in emails showing the contempt Clinton and her political puppets have for others, but few take exception.

Clinton and company call Southerners – members of the “CSA” and Confederates, and refer to the vast majority of Americans as “deplorables” and “irredeemables” and no one in the public forum condemns them, dispatches them from view –makes them as unwelcome and they make others.

They can refer to Catholics as rote idiots, still no furor.  Or disparage Latinos as “needy Latinos” – no public condemnation.  Consign Black Americans to a perpetual, unemployed caste and still no condemnation, nor rejection of them.

Rather than condemn Ms. Clinton and her minions, people in high places, and in ordinary life, fawn over them, revere them.  The rich and powerful defend them. They destroy evidence for them, commit felonies for them, throw the FBI “under the bus” for them, sell the Justice Department out for them.

Apparently, these folks never lived in Winter Hill (in Somerville, Massachusetts) with the Irish Mob as I did.  You see, my pals and I learned a simple, vital life lesson there and it is this: Those who don’t love you, don’t love you.  

This is a fundamental rule to orient you to life and living it well, and in the whole.

Those who don’t love you never change.  They will do you only harm.

Knowing this: you settled in, practiced your faith, defended yourself, your family, your friends and your neighborhood – and you didn’t trust the government or “the authorities” for neither lived with the loyalty and character that you and your scorned brothers and sisters did.

Make no mistake, you may have to fight to defend yourself and your own kind. That established, you are part of the group forever, and those outside left you alone because you presented a danger to them for you saw them and you would not take their abuse.

This experience teaches you things you cannot learn in a book and I say that with a law degree, two M.A.’s and an admission to MIT for a Ph.D.  The point is: you learn how to live fully in your faith and with strength, with integrity and meaning.  You live intimately with friends and family, know what loyalty is – appreciate and love the person next to you and protect them even if you do not know their name.

Think about who you are … and who loves you.  Understand the contempt others have for you.  Act accordingly.