… if you are guided by the Spirit, you are not under the law …

Gal 5: 18

 + + +

When you live in Christ, you live in the Spirit and laws are not what govern you. Rather you know contentment, joy in life, love and patience.  You live in faith and are above the fray, live in truth and distance yourself from the evil that occupies those who are not Believers.

In Christ is self-control, honest and full existence, friendship and fellowship, a buttress against all that is false, craven, corrupt.

In the present moment, Christ and all Believers are under attack.  Those possessed of selfishness and pride crave power and wealth, total control over all things and all people, the destruction of our Nation, a Civilization and Christianity to be replaced by a country that is built in their godless image.  These are sick people.  Idolaters.

These attacks come from the Democrat Left and are plainly seen in the Wikileaks emails of Democrat Party officials, Clinton campaign functionaries, and in the print and television media’s shameful, secretive coordinated collusion with the Democrat Party of the Left and Ms. Clinton and her political campaign.

No need for free elections for them – THEY DEEM THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE.

We live in perilous times.

The Democrat Left and Ms. Clinton and her minions, along with Leftist media people and news organizations, wish to destroy Christianity (particularly the Catholic Church) and Protestant evangelicals while gaining control of the federal government.

In need of an example?  Today The New York Times (aka, The New Yawn Times) “reports” that several previously silent woman have “come forward” to make a claim that Mr. Trump (Ms. Clinton’s opponent) had “groped” them several years ago.  One alleges this conduct was on an airplane in plain view of other passengers.

Interestingly, none of the “alleged victims” seem to have previously complained of the “alleged” actions.

Shades of Clarence Thomas Senate Hearings on his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Same trick was played by the Democrat Left (fueled by disgruntled feminists) when they brought forth a former Thomas colleague to allege he made indecent or suggestive comments to her.  In that fiasco, the colleague oddly also never told anyone of the alleged transgressions and made no public, private or legal complaint.

So once again, as with Mitt Romney and the admitted lies by a Democrat Senator about him not paying taxes for ten years, dubious stories are sprung on a Republican candidate by the Democrat Left and the Leftist media in the closing days of a presidential campaign with nary a word in the press or media of their own collusion or Mr. and Mrs. Clinton’s errant past and present business escapades, private computer server and email civil and criminal investigative and legal messes.

Need one say that those with an established history of lying are not to be believed about anything they say.  In contrast: those with faith need not lie.

Those without faithlive lies – all day, each day – all the time.  This is the mess the Democrat Left has brought us.