” … attracted to the systematic thought and severely backward gender relations … “

John Halpin

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Thanks to Wikileaks we now see how Clinton hacks, like the lightly “educated” Mr. Halpin, characterize Catholics.   It ain’t nice.

Catholics may, it seems, officially classify ourselves among the “basket of deplorables,” “the irredeemables.”

I wonder if the Catholic Latino population is pleased to know what contempt Clinton and her political operatives and advisers have for them?

Halpin, in this email comment, is deriding Rupert Murdock (CEO, Fox) and Robert Thompson (Managing Director, Wall Street Journal) for daring to educate their children as Catholics – – – as if it is any of his damn business!!!

The godless Left hates Catholics because we offer strong, cogent intellectual challenge to the poverty of their Marxist thought and their inbred corruption.

In contrast to the Clinton and her Klan, Catholics are a mirror image of what is good and what they are not.  More so, Catholics show the Leftist ideologues lack anything close to the intellectual training and ability, or strength of character, to live competently – live ordered lives as faithful men and women.

Yes, the bigots are exposed.  Their contempt openly displayed. 

Yes, according to Halpin in conversation with others on the Clinton teams, we make the mistake of appreciating “systematic thought.”  Apparently, they believe that we are better served by chaotic, illogical thoughts, random destructive Leftist foolishness and the childish ways of their Pagan Party of decline.

Yes, we are condemned because we embrace the systematic thought of Thomas Aquinas, Pascal, St. Augustine, John Henry Newman, Karl Rahner and others, and the hundreds of years of exquisite scholarship, art and architecture which Christian Catholicism has produced as the foundation of Western Civilization.

Likewise Catholics make the “grave” mistake of having faithful families, raising their children in their faith, embracing marriage between a man and a woman! Imagine that!!!

The arrogance of the Left, the Clintons and their poorly schooled cadre of C minus-minus students is only surmounted by their ignorance and tastelessness.

Well, folks now you know what the Clinton Klan thinks of you if you are a Catholic, Christian, evangelical.  Nice, isn’t it.  

They have earned your contempt.