Nature has not blended the mind so inextricably with body as to prevent it from establishing its own frontier and controlling its own domain … (there) is no reason to despair of achieving freedom, unselfishness, and obedience to the will of God.

Marcus Aurelius, in Meditations

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Writing a century before the birth of Christ, Marcus Aurelius makes a point no less true today – indeed, more fitting and more true today.

We need not be taken in by mass culture and its godless enslaving secularization. We need not be prisoner to the mass communication of its idiotic ideas delivers by the ill-informed, poorly development its ideologues, and broken, wanton celebrities and personalities seeking influence, fame, power, control, status, pleasure and money.

Now more than ever each individual must be determined to grow, to know who they are in their God-given fullness of being.  Each by divine birth must secure their unique being. No one is born to be subsumed by lesser people or lesser things.  No one forfeits their identity because some loon peddles an infantile ideology so as to control them.

In mass secular culture, liberty and faith are all the more valuable.  It is in each that the human person achieves freedom and unselfishness and the contentment, calm and certainty that comes from obedience to the will of God.

Being submerged in today’s popular culture is the established way to disorder and discontent.

Seeking what is universally and agelessly good and true is our better choice – all the more when it becomes our living repudiation of secular existence and its gross, injurious demands and those who make them.

Look around at those in public life and politics, the media and entertainment – you will see who to shun and ignore.  When they carry an umbrella you can be sure it will not rain.