Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed.  If people … do this, it would change the world. (Emphasis added.)

William Faulkner

+ + +

This moment in our life, and in the life of this Great Nation, is about speaking honestly … it is about standing in opposition to injustice, and lying and greed.

Yes, we have become corrupted, and Washington and its politics have become too comfortable, too cozy, incestuous – serving the elected and their financiers not the electors.

Life does not present perfect choices because we are not perfect people.  But it does present critical moments of truth, moments in which each of us must ask ourselves: Will I stand for what is just, true, selfless and best for all?

Watching last night’s presidential candidate conversation, I was reminded of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and how she had to “call out” her Conservative Party male colleagues who preferred to save their political careers rather than attend to tough choices that had to be made in order to advance and protect the long term interests and well-being of England and its people.  Boy, does that sound like Washington today.

Well, we are at an electoral crossroads for the first time in my five decades of voting.

This election is a referendum on us … on who we are, on whether we seek truth, and justice and reject greed and selfishness … on whether we will preserve the integrity of this Nation or dissolve into an open-border hodgepodge … whether we will spend ourselves into bankruptcy or remain solvent and prosperous … whether we will all be bound by politically-“correct” gibberish and be condemned to live in socialist poverty or free market opportunity – whether we will be moral or amoral … free or enslaved … faithful or faithless, lead or be co-opted and conquered by others … whether the state serves powerful, wealthy special interests or the population at-large …

… injustice … lying … greed …  This is our referendum!  This is our Brexit moment … our moment to reclaim our freedom and preserve our liberty.

For or against?

Give me liberty or give me death …

Patrick Henry