… the terrors will recede before a genuine psychological readiness, the overbold adventurer beyond his depth may be shamelessly undone.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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Those who would lead others must possess “psychological readiness.”  Without that both the leader and the culture will be “shamelessly undone.”

This is our problem.  We are a culture that does not foster psychological depth in its people.  Those who would lead, and those selecting leaders, are prepared to “be shamelessly undone.”  Wisdom is gravely lacking. Character and insight, too.

Foolishness is abundant. It is dispensed in universities and among the shallows of the media and the press (such as it remains).

Make no mistake: fools step up to lead.

We do not know the wisdom of the ages.  We are ignorant of religious narrative, the lessons of great literature and the people in it, and of mythology and the truths it contains – its ageless lessons.

Beware: identity politics is sheer folly, ignorance celebrated and on display.

Gender and race hold no sway.  Nor does identity based on preferred sexual perversion. No, people are much more complex, much more storied and sacred, and wisdom and character are not conferred by gross identity.

One would think that our recent presidency and present politics might have proven this. But alas we lack “psychological readiness.”  It used to not be so.

Now we are “shamelessly undone” because we are mythologically ignorant.  We forsake what can be known for the false we wish to be “true.”

Behold we are far beyond our depth.  With this ignorance, expect the worse.


NOW LET ME UNDERSTAND THIS – We are supposed to be stunned and shocked and punitive because Donald Trump spoke of groping women, but we are to pay no heed to Bill Clinton, Teddy and Jack Kennedy.  Hum, there is a Democrat “pass” but not a “Republican” pass.  One can plunder, another cannot. The sort of explains the plunder or the national treasury and the behavior and public policies of the Pagan Party.  I got it now.

Gee, how convenient it was that NBC just discovered the Trump tape on the same day devastating emails and Wall Street speech transcripts of Ms. Clinton were made public. I don’t imagine there was any collusion there.  Do you?