” … if we fail to engage in rational examination of ideas and seek instead to work our will through vilification and personal attacks, the democratic process is subverted.”

Christopher B. Kulp, in “Demonizing Our Opponents”

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We awake today to the repugnant words of Donald Trump spoken in 2005 regarding his interaction with women.

These words diminish anyone who uses them.  Yet, they do more.  They tell us of the profoundly destructive sexualization of American culture successfully advocated by the Democratic Left, and in particular, by radical feminists and homosexual activists over the last six decades.

Yes, the Democrat Left has discretely embraced and advanced sexual politics at the cost of morality and the healthy human person. Yet, they now hypocritically decry what they have successfully advanced: the establishment of an amoral, godless “anything goes” hedonism.

Indeed, the fruits of their labors are multiple: child sacrifice that is abortion, the “hook-up” culture, fatherless families, a dependent class of single mothers without work and dependent on taxpayer’s money funneled through the federal government, the destruction of the nuclear family, and the normalization of abhorrent behavior.

However, that alone is not the sum of the damage they have brought us.  No, Democrat politics in the last sixty years is and has been increasingly the politics of demonization of their opponent.

Having realized that what they advocate is not acceptable to a majority of Americans and having no sale-able ideas themselves, they resort to character assassination and the politics of personal destruction.

So now Dame Hillary will excoriate Trump without nary a word about her husband’s womanizing and her lying and corrupt practices.

Make no mistake – the politics and psychology of demonizing others is the politics and psychology of hate.  

When closely examined, as German psychologist Erich Fromm has pointed out, the demonization of others is frequently exercised by those who cast themselves as victims when they are the perpetrators.  Et tu, Dame Clinton.

So here we are with very, very serious national and international problems and the Democrats will attempt in the closing days of this election to focus on tabloid stuff with the intention of destroying a man in order to seize power.

Oddly enough Trump’s comments place him closer to Teddy and Jack Kennedy – but this itself is lost on those who demonize for political gain.  Go figure.