The unconscious sends all sorts of vapors, odd beings, terrors and deluding images up into the mind – whether in dreams, broad daylight, or insanity; for the human kingdom, beneath the floor of the comparatively neat little dwelling that we call our consciousness, goes down into unsuspected Aladdin caves.  There not only jewels but also dangerous jinn abide; the inconvenient or resisted psychological powers that we have not thought or dared to integrate into our lives. (Emphasis added.)

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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We live in a culture that does little or nothing to further a person’s full growth and wisdom and we are virtually ignorant of the human process that Campbell accurately describes.

We are, quite frankly, undeveloped and far more sick than well.  Stated another way: Who among the public figures that you see strikes you as one who has examined fully his or her life and come, as is our task, to honestly know their true self.  The absence of fully-developed public figures gives us a proper barometric reading of the state of our culture.

Who in the news media, politics, entertainment, among the clergy, within public policy venues or in universities strikes you as a fully integrated human being – someone who possesses humility, insight, vision, wisdom, a sense of humor, courage and speaks with clarity that offers you lessons worth learning?

Does the politician whose life is lie after lie, deception after deception, failure after failure demonstrate anything but their sickness?  Does the “egg head,” know-it-all professor who speaks arrogantly impress you?  Does the photogenic talking T.V. head suggest any depth of understanding of the humankind, a sense of history, or even recognition of what happened yesterday or last week?  Does the robed jurist full of bias and error convey any worth to you?

Great literature, religious narrative, mythology all introduce us to humankind and our true self.  But in exclusionary secular culture these are either shunned or ignored and evidence of their fruits do not exist in politics or the public square. We are sadly “led” by the ignorant not the able.

When we discard the things that give us access to our true self we grow blind, deft, superficial, insensitive, emotionally brittle and socially inept.  In this state we lie to self and one another, evil flourishes, corruption becomes common place.

Wellness and wisdom await, but not when religion is exiled and its narrative neglected.


Observation – Pundits think that the participants in a “presidential debate” have to be “smart,” demonstrate that they “know stuff.”  Wrong.  They have to be real, accessible, human, comfortable, at ease.  They have to connect with the audience.

Content without humanity is a put-off and the interior flags go up among those in the audience – those who attend, witness or listen to the participants.

Knowing the cost of everything but the worth of nothing is useless except that it tells a competent human in the audience – this person is not fit to lead.  Be smart, people.