Everywhere, no matter what the sphere of interest (whether religious, political or personal), the really creative acts are represented as those deriving from some sort of dying to the world …

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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Where are the heroes in American exclusionary secular culture?

Heroes emerge from the experience of dying to the world, from the process of separation from the world, connection with a source of power greater than self, and a life-enhancing return to the world to serve in its fallen, chaotic state.

This is what is established in the wisdom passed down from the beginning of human history.  This is a vital truth, a legacy, our wisdom.

Ideologues have never died to themselves.  Those who crave power and money are far from the heroic.  Those who have done no dying to self cannot lead.  They have no insight.  They have not lived.  On the contrary – for them it is: “feed me, feed me, feed me …”

Part of our crisis today is in not knowing some of the most basic things about human existence.  Basic things like – what a hero’s journey is?

Where once there we were heroes now there are celebrities and the clowns of public relation politics – empty vessels who feed self first and exclusively. Charlatans.  Fakers. Frauds.  These clowns divide and destroy.  Purveyors of decay are they.

For the One who has become the many, remains the One undivided, but each part is all of Christ.

St. Symeon