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This Blog is Dedicated to Baby Fiona, born this weekend.  God is very, very good.

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” … truths contained in religious doctrines are … so distorted and systematically disguised that the mass of humanity cannot recognize them as truth.”

Sigmund Freud, in The Future of Illusion

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If anything might cause you pause as to the quality of our culture and its “leaders” it might come from applying the above quote to what you see today.

Doing so, you see first and foremost – we exile and exclude religion from the culture in this once free society.  This, of course, affirms Freud’s observation and identifies our stupidity, i.e. – don’t understand something, then ban it.  We are, quite honestly, “led” by an endless rank of nitwits who have defaulted to overt and prideful insanity.

Perhaps most amusing is this: the leadership and the media commentators prove their ignorance daily.  They are incapable of reading any action or behavior in any remote level of depth.  Indeed, those alleged to be engaged in the high-end of criminal investigation cannot see crime when it is standing in front of them – indeed they destroy evidence so as to protect the guilty “innocent.”  Yes, blindness becomes insanity.

The fact of the matter is this – when you cannot comprehend the truth of religion or mythology – you are blind and ignorant, no matter what office you hold, what title you possess, how much purloined money you collect through one corrupt political scheme or another.

Think about it, what was once the mark of educated men and women – that is, the ability to identify ancient meaning in the acts and words of those past and present is now no more.  We are governed by those whose crippled ego prompts them to dismiss God and reinvent life, marriage, family, and our once envied federalist republic.

We have managed in my lifetime to depart from the basic truths by which we have lived throughout the millenniums. Is there any doubt as to why universities are dry wells and childish ideas wreak havoc and chaos multiples?

We can, of course, thank the ignorant Left for this destruction.

The smart ones (dare I say I am one) learn humility from the ancients and can see the fast rolling destruction and its path.  But for religion and the vision of mythology and mystics, there is no sight nor sanity.

Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names.