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I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Are you listening media?  Marxists?  Anarchists?  Atheists?  Hollywood Lefties?  University eggheads?  Liberal press?

It makes no sense in a secularized culture to pay any attention to what arises in mass communication.  Many listen uncritically. We can thank our “education” system for that. And, of course, innate laziness factors in.  Many think better an ideology than thinking. It is like: better fast food than good food.

Why do you let those with dirty feet trod through your life?  Your mind?  Rest in your heart?  Stomp on your soul?

Are you not smarter than that?  Do you not have more integrity?  Dignity?  Are you not a sacred being with sacred responsibilities?


Note: Want to know what “dirty feet” look like?  Senator Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not filing or paying taxes for ten years.

People intent on securing power at all costs do discard decency and lie, lie, lie. Dirty feet. Plain and simple.  Don’t be fooled. Dirty feet.