Please Note: Talk about corruption.  After posting today I opened an “evite” and acquired a computer virus.  These things used to be less common than they now are.  It raises question about discourse in “free” society.  And it raises questions about continuing to bother with communications that impose a cost on each of us.

expect to post again on next week.

Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.

Henry Kissinger

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The work of good and decent people can be swamped by the concerted corruption of a few bad people in positions of power.

Seeing this sort of thing is usually a local phenomenon – usually observed among the small time antics of city mayors and alderman the likes of which seem recurrent in places like Chicago.

Rarely do we see the full face of corruption on a national scene.  That said, the present disposition of the Madame Clinton email/server/national security/prospective “pay for play” mess presents an ugly outline of what public corruption might actually look like at the federal level.

Without going into the tsunami of facts surrounding destruction of evidence, lying, co-mingling of public business with private financial gain, the most irregular investigative conduct of the nation’s lead investigative agency, etc., reports, testimony, evidence, and facts seems to suggest that an understanding of corruption in this shameful and very troubling story might well conjure up the immortal refrain of “Tinker, to Evans, to Chance.”  Yes, I refer to the double play combination of the Chicago Cubs who played together from 1902 to 1912.

So what am I saying with this poetic baseball reference?  I am saying this: to comprehend the scope of the corruption one would be wise to consider the relationship between the White House, the Justice Department and the FBI.

Why?  The irregular handling of the FBI’s investigation of Ms. Clinton suggests that their efforts were never intended to yield a criminal indictment.

If that is so, others to whom the FBI must answer were at some point engaged in the process and as the FBI’s superiors may well have tilted the scales.  If one were left to conclude that did not happen, one cannot reasonably explain the irregular behavior of the FBI.  There are just too many inexplicable things in their investigative conduct.

Best to see with both eyes open, no matter the unpleasant image that might appear.  This is more so when serious problems present, for to do otherwise is to foster the bad becoming worse and doing so rather quickly and creating permanent damage.

Need we be reminded that no public trust can sustain when the hint of corruption is left to fester?  Inaction in these matters is tacit approval of errant conduct.

Having applied bleach to emails, it is now time to apply the same to public institutions involved in the handling the recent affair.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?

George Deacon

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Folks, the stakes are high and you are in the game.  What will you do in this election cycle? Continue the present situation?  Or make a statement about honesty and truth?