I suppose you could say that Hitler didn’t betray his self … But millions of Germans did .. millions had not the courage to be good.

John Fowles, in The Magus

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I watched 13 Hours last night.  It is about the attack on America’s outpost in Benghazi, Libya and the killing of the our Ambassador and the exceptionally brave men who, while badly out-numbered, fought courageously to protect him and others at our facility.

And poignantly 13 Hours is about Our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who did nothing to protect the people there, or respond to pleas from them while they were enduring an attack that lasted hours upon hours.

Our people in Benghazi were betrayed, their families, too – just as we were by the cowardly failure of those in Washington who did nothing while brave men died.

Fowles was right.  Hitler was simply playing out his hateful, murderous pathology. In this he did not betray himself – yet, those who supported him and the silent millions did.

Ms. Clinton does the same.  We know she is disordered, a lair.  This truth goes back decades.  Yet, unashamed – she stands for election and people, presumably much like her, join her and support her.  What does that say about the Democrat Party?  The Left?  The press and media?  Others?  Us? 

Many American women will vote for her simply because they have a vagina and it is rumored that she does too.

Elections are snapshots of who we are at any given time.  If this is who we are, we are a sad and lost lot.

Anyone who intends to vote ought to have to see 13 Hours.  Maybe that will stir their conscience, enliven their soul.

To those who will vote for her all the same, I suppose it would be fitting for them to offer themselves, their children, loved ones so that the next time we are attacked they, or those who they love, can experience what it is like when they call for help and no one answers.